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Who is SHOUTcast Servers

SHOUTcast Servers was founded in 2003 as a SHOUTcast only streaming provider. As one of the first companies to offer streaming shoutcast we have a vast amount of expertise growing up in the streaming industry even more specifically SHOUTcast Streaming.

The Story?

Although founded in 2003 as Shoutcast servers dot net, our brand started in 1999 and today all our brands merged to Axcelx which is our corporate name (Shoutcast Servers an Axcelx Technologies company). Has a nice ring to it. Axcelx is a self-funded technology company with focus on anything hosting related and a strong focus on ISP, Colocation and Dedicated Servers. Since 1999 with only 40 clients, and exceeding 1000 in 2014 we have come a long way, building multiple companies has its challenges which is why shoutcast servers dot net website was taken down, but our client based remained and we are back even stronger than ever.

We hope to help full you DJ's with a streaming service you belive in, from a company who was here at the beginning.

Our Servers
  • 2GB Storage
  • AutoDJ FREE
  • 15 Year old company
  • Stable self-funded
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