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SHOUTcast Faq's

How do I order?

Please navigate to contact page. We are currently planning to integrate live ordering in Februrary, however ATM please contact us

How do I upload files for AutoDJ?

We have a web interface (your control panel) or your more than happy to use the hostname of your stream, your login id, and password to upload via FTP

Can we change our BITRATE?

Yes you have the ability to open a support ticket to adjust bitrate and plan

Can we add ads to our AutoDJ plans?

Yes you are in full control of your account, plan and autoDJ

What methods of Payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Paypal

Is relaying allowed?

Yes you may relay from other source servers and you can host the source server with us

Can we use port 80 or 443?

Yes, there is a $3 monthly fee in order to have a dedicated ip address

What about Royalty fees?

Royalty fees are not paid by SHOUTcast Servers or any affiliates, partners or entity of Axcelx, although you can generate monthly reports from your control panel in order to cover any royalty fees that might exist.

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